The Section on Intergovernmental Administration and Management (SIAM) invites ASPA members to submit proposals for papers to be presented at the 2016 Deil S. Wright Symposium. The symposium honors the career and contributions of Professor Deil S. Wright, who was a charter member of SIAM and remained active until his passing in 2009. The Wright Symposium will be held as a preconference event at the 2016 ASPA national conference in Seattle. The all-day meeting will feature morning student research sessions, and workshops on research and academic careers in intergovernmental management.   The afternoon symposium will feature roundtables and research paper presentations as well as panel discussion on the Section’s mission. The afternoon sessions will feature research panels (up to 12 papers).

The theme of the afternoon symposium is “Intergovernmental Management in Transition” Proposed workshop and research panel paper topics are invited relating to the following topical questions:

How prepared are local managers to deal with ethical and accountability issues arising from the abuse of discretionary authority by public safety personnel?

Has public administration education kept abreast of developments and related competencies in collaborative governance?

What are the latest theories, emerging issues, and research results in metropolitan governance?

What trends and innovations, in the United States or other countries, could significantly affect the future course of intergovernmental management?

  Proposals should be sent to Carl Stenberg (stenberg@sog.unc.edu), David Hamilton (david.hamilton@ttu.edu), and Richard Feiock (rfeiock@fsu.edu) by October 1, 2015. 

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