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Please welcome Brianne Heidbreder, New SLGR Reviews & Essays (R&E) Editor

Dear SIAM Members,
I am Brianne Heidbreder and would like to briefly introduce myself as the new Editor for the Reviews and Essays section of State and Local Government Review.  I am currently serving as an Associate Professor in the Political Science Department at Kansas State University in Manhattan, KS, where I live with my husband and daughter.  I received a BA from Minnesota State University, Moorhead (2001), a MA from Kansas State University (2004), and a Ph.D. from the University of Wisconsin, Milwaukee (2008).  My teaching and research interests fall at the intersection of state and local politics and policy and public administration, and I have published in scholarly outlets such as State Politics & Policy Quarterly, Legislative Studies Quarterly, Politics & Policy, and State and Local Government Review. Needless to say, I am excited and eager to begin my work at SLGR
I am grateful for the opportunity to serve as Editor of the Reviews and Essays (R&E) section of SLGR.  The R&E section publishes review essays synthesizing research on important topics in state and local government and intergovernmental relations.  The R&E section also welcomes essays that synthesize applied research in state and local government and discuss implications for our theoretical understanding of intergovernmental relations and public administration.  While we prefer not to publish reviews of single books, the section may include essays that reflect on books that have had an enduring impact on research in these fields or book review essays that critically frame and compare the contributions of several significant books.  We also have published essays based on interviews with prominent scholars (for example, Deil Wright) who discuss and/or evaluate the state of the discipline or status of research in various areas.  
During 2015 (Volume 47, Issues 1, 2 and 3, respectively), the R&E section included articles pertaining to redistribution policy at the local level in an era of devolution (Michael Craw), conceptualizing and operationalizing planning capacity (Carolyn Loh), and practicing greater transparency to enhance responsiveness and trust in local government (Gregory Porumbescu).  The March 2016 issue will feature an essay based on Professor Ann Bowman’s assessment of the change and continuity in the study of state and local government and politics.
I look forward to working with the editorial team and continuing the strong tradition of promoting quality scholarship in the areas of state and local government politics, policy, and management. In the upcoming months, I encourage each of you to share your ideas with me for future installments of the Reviews and Essays section.   I can be reached by phone at (785) 532-5366 or by email at heidbr@ksu.edu.


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