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Over the last several months, articles published in State and Local Government Reviewhave received increased attention as featured content on state, national, and international blogs.  Most recently, an article by Kathleen Marchetti entitled “Consider the Context: How State Policy Environments Shape Interest Group Advocacy” (Volume 47, September 2015 issue) was the subject of a blog post on the London School of Economics (LSE), US Centre’s daily blog on American Politics and Policy (USAPP).  Earlier this year, the same blog highlighted research from Marcia L. Godwin’s article “Civic Engagement and Fiscal Stress in American Cities:  Insights from the Great Recession” (SLGR 2014 Special Issue: Volume 47, December issue). 

At the state and local government level, blogs statescoop and Route 50 spotlighted work from Lowatcharin and Menifield’s SLGR article “Determinants of Internet-Enabled Transparency at the Local Level: A Study of Midwestern County Websites” (Volume 47, June 2015 issue).

Blogs are a great venue for connecting SLGR-published research with practitioners.  For example, a link to Godwin’s blog post was emailed by Public Agenda staff to a participatory budgeting research group and the executive director of a participatory politics organization also tweeted about the relevance of the post.  Sage, the publishers of SLGR, provided a link to the original article, which led to Godwin’s article being the most read SLGR article for the month when the blog was posted.

Links to all blogs and articles mentioned above are available on the SLGR blog at slgrjournal.wordpress.com.  Please check them out and join the dialogue. 

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