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Suggestions and Ideas Needed: SLGR

Suggestions and Ideas Needed!

SLGR Reviews & Essays (R&E) Section Editor Brianne Heidbreder (Kansas Stater University) is seeking your assistance in identifying ideas for future issues of the R&E section of State and Local Government Review.  The R&E section publishes review essays synthesizing research on important topics in state and local government and intergovernmental relations.  The R&E section also welcomes essays that synthesize applied research in state and local government and discuss implications for our theoretical understanding of intergovernmental relations and public administration.  The goal is to produce essays that are of interest to both scholars and practitioners.  Currently, she is seeking ideas for both topics to highlight and authors to contribute to the section in upcoming issues.  If you have any suggestions or ideas, please send Brianne at heidbr@ksu.edu.  Thank you for all of your help.

2017 Special Issue

Be on the lookout any day now for the 2017 Special Issue (SI) of State and Local Government Review (Volume 49, No. 3 Issue.  The topic of the 2017 SI is:  “The ‘‘Shifting Sands’’ of American IGR in an Era of Flux and Uncertainty: What’s Happening and What to Expect.”  John Kincaid (Lafayette College) serves as the Guest Editor.  Cutting-edge articles that present the most recent scholarship and assessment of the course of American intergovernmental relations (IGR) are a must read!  Anyone conducting research on IGR will certainly want to consult these articles, as they set the context and tone for any meaningful research on the subject.  Authors of the SI include John Kincaid, Timothy J. Conlan (George Mason University), Michael A. Pagano University of Illinois, Chicago) and Shu Wang, (Michigan State University) Carol Weissert (Florida State University)and Matthew Uttermark (Florida State University), and John Dinan (Wake Forest University). Click here to view the Table of Contents.


In a few weeks, SIAM members should anticipate receiving the Volume 49, No. 4 Issue of SLGR.  In addition to the regular articles and the Reviews & Essays article, the Issue will feature a three-article Mini-Symposium dedicated to the topic of “Local Government Leadership and Policy Challenges:  The ‘Lonely Road’ with Little or No Help from the Federal and State Governments.”  The lead article (“Filling State and Federal Gaps with Local Solutions:  One City Mayor’s Perspective”) is written by a practitioner, former Salt Lake City, Utah Mayor Ralph Becker.  It is followed by an article prepared by two leading authorities on city government at the National League of Cities (Christiana K. McFarland and Trevor Langan) and is entitled “City Leadership, City Constraints.”  The final article (“The Emergence of Local Government Policy Leadership:  A Roaring Torch or a Flickering Flame?”) by Robert Blair and Anthony Starke of the University of Nebraska, Omaha provides an academic or scholarly context for the two previous articles.

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