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2021 ASPA Deil Wright Symposium

April 9, 2021



Introductions and Welcome


The Future of Fiscal Federalism 

Nicholas Jacobs
Colby College
If Congress Can’t Budget, Can It Influence Intergovernmental Relations?

Carmina Jimenez Quiroga & Heidi Jane M. Smith
CENTRUS/Universidad Iberoamericana
Fiscal Sustainability of Mexican Debt Decisions: Is Bad Behavior Rewarded? 

Yoon-Jung Choi
Syracuse University 
Too Many Governments and Not Enough Government: Does Citizen Voice Restrain Government Growth?  

Discussant:     Paul Chalekian
University of Nevada, Reno


Rethinking Models of Intergovernmental Relations

Claudia Badulescu-Colfer
European University Institute  
Overcoming dysfunctional integration through domestic administrative capacity building: a new approach to Europeanization   

Ricardo A. Bello-Gomez
Indiana University 
National and Subnational Bureaucracies’ Capacity for Service Provision: A Human-Capital Approach to Decentralized Governance    

Sara Kuehlhorn Friedman
Portland State University
Immigration Federalism in the U.S.: A New Theoretical Model

Matt Bagwell
Tarleton State University 
Intergovernmental Collaboration or Conflict? 

Discussant: TBA

Lunch Break

Studying and Practicing Intergovernmental Relations and Federalism Across Fields

Carol Weissert and Matthew Uttermark
Florida State University
Going Deep: Studying Charter Schools from the Bottom Up 

John Kincaid
Lafayette College
A Research Agenda for Federalism Studies

Jason Webb Yackee and Susan Webb Yackee
University of Wisconsin – Madison
Using Wright’s ASAP Data from 1964-2008 to Study Federalism and Intergovernmental Relations:  New Data for Scholars and Practitioners

Discussant: TBA

Wrap Up

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