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SIAM General Membership Meeting agenda for Sunday, March 8, 2014

SIAM: General Membership Meeting
Sunday March 8, 2015  4:45 – 6:00 Cominsky room
Welcome (Rick Feiock)
            Announcements and Deil Wright Symposium (Rick Feiock/Carl Stenberg)
Election results (Ed Benton)
                                          i.    Announce election results
                                         ii.    Terms begin at the general membership meeting
Membership Report (Ed Benton)
SLGR report (Michael Scicchitano)
Treasurer’s Report (Susan Paddock)
Newsletter Website and Blog (Jered Carr)
Report on Engaging Junior Scholars (Benoy Jacob)
New Business
Proposed Changes of Bylaws
1. General Updates and Corrections (Eric Zeemering)
2. Proposed Change to the Mission Statement
3. Proposed Change of the Section Name