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Member News: Kevin DeSouza, David Swindell, & Kendra Smith

Arizona State University’s Center for Urban Innovation and Brookings Institution Releases Report on the Trending Effects of New Technologies for Local Governments

Kevin DeSouza, David Swindell, and Kendra Smith at ASU’s Center for Urban Innovation co-authored a new Brookings Institution titled “Local Government 2035: Strategic Trends and Implications of New Technologies. Technological change is increasingly disruptive and destabilizing. In order to maintain effective governance systems, public sector entities must overcome stagnant tendencies and take a proactive stance—acting in the face of impending technological innovations. Future government entities must evolve into lean, responsive, and adaptive organizations capable of rapid response to societal shifts. The report illustrates how technological advancements, such as the proliferation of drone technologies, artificial intelligence, autonomous vehicles, and peer-2-peer services, will introduce data privatization challenges and destabilize existing governance systems. In order to maintain effective service delivery, public sector entities must increasingly consider the ramifications technology will have on income inequality, fragile and conflict states, and immigration—just to name a few. Those interested can access it at http://www.brookings.edu/research/papers/2015/05/29-local-government-strategic-trends-desouza