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Donald C. Stone Practitioner and Scholar Awardees

Donald C. Stone (1903‐1995) was a major and beloved figure in twentieth‐century public administration. He was the founder of the American Public Works Association (APWA), served as the first Director of the Public Administration Service, and was a principal architect of the Executive Office of the President (EOP) in 1939 based on the 1937 recommendations of the Brownlow Commission. He was the first Director of the Division of Administrative Management of the Bureau of the Budget within the EOP, worked as Director of Administration of the Marshall Plan in 1948, helped found the National Academy of Public Administration in 1967, and served as Dean of the School of Public and International Affairs at the University of Pittsburgh.


The Section on Intergovernmental Administration and Management (SIAM) established the

Stone awards in 1980. The first awards were made in 1981. The principal criteria for the Practitioner and Scholar awards are:


  • Significant contributions to the practice and/or study of intergovernmental relations over a substantial period of time


  • Contributions that have made an impact on the practice and/or study of intergovernmental management as a whole rather than only on a specific organization, institution, or function.


YEAR                                       PRACTITIONER                                   SCHOLAR

2018                                      Peter Harkness                                    Karen Mossberger

2017                                      Norton Bonaparte                                Jered Carr

2016                                       Rajesh Mohan                                     Tim Conlan

2015                                       Peter Austin                                         Michael Pagano

2013                                        Bill Stafford                                         Kurt Thurmaier

2012                                        Sam Mamet                                        Frank J. Thompson

2010                                        William R. Barnes                               Richard Feiock

2009                                        Raymond C. Sheppach                        Charles Wise

2008                                        Bruce D. McDowell                             Carol S. Weissert

2007                                        Alan Ehrenhalt                                   James Svara

2006                                        Paul Posner                                         Mryna Mandell

2005                                        David Warm                                        Donald F. Kettl

2004                                        Jeffrey Tryens                                     Charldean Newell

2003                                        Anthony Griffin                                   Richard Campbell

2002                                        Richard Sheirer                                   Beryl Radin

2001                                        William Dodge                                    Susan A. MacManus

2000                                        William H. Hansell, Jr.                         Robert Agranoff

1999                                        Scott Fosler                                         Laurence O’Toole

1998                                        Patricia S. Florestano                      Ann O’M. Bowman                                                                                                                                                             David Morgan

1997                                        William G. Coleman                            Joseph F. Zimmerman

1996                                        Gerald Miller                                      Steven D. Gold

1995                                        Gov Parris Glendening                        Dale Krane

1994                                        Carl W. Stenberg III                            Beverly A. Cigler

1993                                        William Edgar                                     David Beam

1992                                        Zachary Taylor                                    Thomas R. Dye

1991                                        George Van Dusen                              John Kincaid

1990                                        Frank H. Shafroth                                Paul E. Peterson

1989                                        John Herbers                                       Samuel H. Beer

1988                                        Louis Gambaccini                                George E. Peterson

1987                                        Gov Bruce Babbitt                               Neal Peirce

1986                                        Gov Richard Snelling                           Richard Nathan

1985                                        Sen David F. Durenberger                  Daniel J. Elazar

1984                                        Wayne F. Anderson                             Martha Derthick

1983                                        Edward T. Kelly                                   Mavis Mann Reeves

1982                                        Donna Shalala                                     Deil S. Wright, Alan R. Siegle

1981                                        Ray Remy                                            David B. Walker


*No award was presented in 2011.

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